Tai Chi

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Tai Chi                                                                
For Health & Fitness

We practice Traditional Tai Chi, which uses the originating Chen, and also yuang family styles.  We train in several forms including the Fan Forms.

Classes include Tai Chi forms, training in QiGong and proper breathing techniques, and guidance in proper eating…     

   Considered ‘Martial Arts Therapy’, this soft style uses ‘Chi’ (internal energy) for the purposes of health, longevity, and ultimate fitness.

   Taught by Steve Glennon, top pupil of Jie (Zhu Jie) Wright, who is a native of China and has had years of training with the top masters of Shanghai, China…achieving high advancement, expertise, and skill in her field.  In China, she holds the title of ‘Champion’ in both Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

    Tai Chi trains the mind with body, coordinating both for a unifying result.  Tai Chi is practiced for health benefits, improved concentration and a reduction of stress. 

This is a very ‘soft’ appearing art, and because of its meticulous and circular movements, it opens awareness to all parts of the body.  This soft appearance may be deceptive, however, because the movements learned  in Tai Chi, can be very effective in self defense when used with more power and speed.

The Fan Forms are more advanced forms done with music.

Using the core muscles of the body to show a circular expression of energy culminating in the fan, they are both beautiful and impressive in the skills they demonstrate.


Students may also train with the use of Kung Fu style and Tai Chi style practice weapons with advancement and/or participation in the Demo Team. 

















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