Demo Team

“The Flying Dragons” 

Demonstration Team

The demonstration team is a representative of our school, “River City Martial Arts Academy”, of Song Moo Kwan, of Martial Arts in general, of our community, and of us individually.  To be the best representatives, the Demo Team Pledges to follow all Rules and Regulations of our school, all Oaths of song Moo Kwan, all Principles of Song Moo Kwan, and the Five Tenets.  They will conduct themselves with Honor, Integrity, Respect, and Self Discipline at home, at the dojang, at school, and in all activities with friends and the community.       


       The Demonstration Team practices to a higher level of Commitment, Skill, and Dedication.  We do this in order to perform and demonstrate at the highest level of our abilities.  Our goal is to expand our creative skills and physical conditioning to a point going beyond our present level; envisioning the philosophy of our school slogan, “When Mind and Body are Together, Nothing is Impossible.” This requires a defined level of Commitment and Dedication.
All Demonstration Team members will have the proud distinction of wearing the team Dragon and Demo Team patch.  Additionally members receive extra class time without additional cost, to perfect your skills.


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